Sunday, February 28, 2010

Secret Trails

My dad was in town this weekend and he met me, Travis and Norma at the secret trails. These trails are so secret that I even blurred out the backgrounds in the photos so you can't tell where they are.

 Travis and Norma


Yeah, good luck figuring it out. You'll never figure it out. I even geotagged the photos with garbage. Flickr says they were taken in a place with no name.

I didn't even bring my GPS and I GPS everything. Seriously, it really felt weird to ride a new place without it.

There were three distinct trails. The first was about 90% dead flat. There other 10% included a gully run, a couple of humps and a few bridges. All flow. There were a bunch of artifacts out there; a trophy, a scarecrow, some other crap.

The second trail was hillier, more technical and a lot more challenging. There was a tent out there, possibly occupied by a homeless man.

The third trail wound back and forth along the banks of two drainages. It was infinitely steeper and infinitely more technical. After descending and re-climbing the same hill 10 times in 5 minutes, my dad was like "man, screw this" and walked back up to the entrance while we went on. If you want to work on switchbacks, this is your trail. Infinite switchbacks.

 Norma Downhill

 Travis Downhill

All three trails were total small intestines. The ratio of space-that-is-trail to space-that is-not-trail was exactly one-to-one. Even if I had GPS'ed it, it would have been incomprehensible. I'd need one of those big antennas from up on the top of an 18 wheeler. An unbelievable use of space. We rode almost 15 miles, on what might seemed like 10 acres of land. Crazy.

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