Monday, April 25, 2011

Buford-Suwanee Loop

I spent Friday night and most of Saturday morning in computer nerd hell. I haven't built a system up in 6 years and apparently having to manually set memory timings and voltages is just what's done these days. Weeee.

I did manage to squeeze in a late road ride with my brother though. I also managed to put a few miles on my new Reality club kit too.

 Reality Kit

...or at least the jersey. I ran into an issue with the stitching on the bibs (yes, I pulled up one leg at a time, by the fabric) and I figured it was better to be safe than sorry with the garment obscuring my loins from public display.

We did part of my little Dave's Creek/Gilbert/Melody Mizer loop then headed out toward Suwanee. I was really feeling the long nights. My bro was stomping me. Traffic was exceptionally heavy too. I've ridden that loop a couple of times now and the traffic has always been light and fluffy. Maybe it was because of the Easter weekend or something. Hard to say.

We rolled through scenic downtown old Suwanee...

 John in Suwanee

..., stomped hard up the little hill past that little park at the end, looped back around through new downtown Suwanee too and took the highway over to Buford. For some reason, that section had the lightest traffic. The rest of the ride was all business. We passed a few riders going the other way on Buford Dam road, but they were the only other folks we saw out all. I wanted to faint at the top of the hill going back into my neighborhood. Good god.

It was a good ride in that it was scenic and good exercise, and that I got to ride with my bro, but I just really haven't felt like myself lately when I get outside, and it didn't seem to help much with that. These late night hack-a-thons have been putting down some real suffering. I hope that's all it is.

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