Saturday, August 4, 2012

Haw Creek

Ahh yes, Haw Creek again. I'll probably ride there all the time, it's so close to my house and all. Today I needed some taper for the race tomorrow and there's no better taper than riding with kids.

Last time, me and Iz rode and the trail looked relatively Sophie-friendly, so today we all went, and the trail was, indeed, very Sophie-friendly.

 The Gerch

She even rode the parts that Iz had trouble with last time.

Iz always wants to ride off on her own and feel the freedom, but today when I let her, she wasn't prepared to be as free as she thought she was. Every couple of minutes we'd find her waiting for us.

This enabled me to get a nice picture of her climbing the switchbacks though, and climbing with authority no less.

 The Iz

Sophie had a great ride. She was able to climb everything, no problem, and she handled the downhills with authority too. She washed out once but it was loose there and I washed out in the same spot on my road bike the first time. Woohoo!

They can ride 20 miles on the Silver Comet Trail and 10 at Blankets, but with all the hills, they're only good for about 1 lap at Haw Creek.

Tired or not though, they both wanted to climb all over the playground equipment, so we did that for a while...

 Climbers  Bear  Acorn

...before bailing out and raiding the Dutch Monkey.

It was a great day. Maybe next time I can convince them to do two or three laps. They appear to have plenty of energy to do it. Maybe if I make some kind of a game out of it. I'll have to think about that one.

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