Monday, May 12, 2014


Man, the other day I saw this mockingbird going all crazy in the backyard, flying back and forth, making noise. At first I thought it was just showing off for the ladies, but then it just flew away and appeared to have pulled a big long rope out of the ground, which now hung down over the edge of one of the landscape timbers.

What the heck...? Ohhh. Not a rope...

Rat Snake, I Think

It was harassing this snake. Really giving it the business. Big time.

Black rat snake? I've seen a lot of black rat snakes. Kind-of looks like one. This one looked a little grayer than most and hasn't even the faintest markings, but I'm not sure what it is if it's not a rat snake.

Definitely a friendly snake though. It might be the same one I saw at the end of last summer too. Maybe he's just getting old and grey. Heh, heh.

Carry on buddy, go eat mice or chipmunks or whatever you eat. I wish it would eat the voles that are tearing up the backyard.

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