Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quad County Century (Sort-of)

This happened so long ago that I barely remember it now. The backlog!

Having put in some really good miles up in the mountains recently, my brother and I wanted to reprise that ride with another long one a little closer to home. He'd looked up the Quad County Century route a while back, so we settled on that one.

Instead of gloriously fulfilling like that last one had been, this ride was just terrible.

I mean, it started out OK. The first 10 miles or so were fine but instead of waking up and feeling good, it just started hurting more and more. I kept thinking "maybe I'll wake up" and kept pushing but that just never happened.

I don't remember anything about the route at all. We started in Douglas County, so that was one of the counties. I'm pretty sure we were in Carroll County at some point, but as for the rest... Pfft. No idea.

It turned out that a triathlon was going on out there and at some point we pulled in behind some ladies who were riding in it.

Pain Train

We eventually pulled ahead of them though. Somewhere in there we stopped for water. The rest was a blur.

I'm pretty sure we cut it short and turned it into the Quad County 75-or-so-rather-than-Century.

The post-ride lunch at Fabiano's was the highlight of the day.

Turned out later that I was getting sick. That night I had a headache and a fever. Ha! I guess that kind-of explains it.

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