Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blanket's Creek

My parents have been in town all week for my Dad's birthday. Woohoo! Happy Birthday Dad!!!

This was one of his presents, apparently.

Broken Ocoee 1 Broken Ocoee 2

Yes, that's a crack almost all the way around his seat tube. A crack in Titanium no less.

Funny story there...

My Dad got every last mile out of an early-2000's Gary Fisher Sugar, at which point my brother gave him his old Litespeed Ocoee. My brother had broken 3 Suwanees before eventually asking them to just send him an Ocoee, which he rode for a while, gave to my Dad, and which my Dad has now broken. Not a great run for that line of bikes.

And yet, my Toccoa is still unbroken after 15 years.

To ride together, my brother rode his singlespeed and my Dad borrowed his Rocky Mountain. And we rode all over Blankets Creek for like 3 hours.

Dad and John at Blankets 1 Dad and John at Blankets 2

If you live in Dallas TX, Blankets has a lot of climbing, especially the Van Michaels Trail. But the padre didn't have too much trouble. Neither of us made it up Hurl Hill though. My technical climbing skills are not yet quite all back yet, it would seem.

Either way, it was great getting to ride with my Dad again. It's been too long. A year or more I think. Too long!

They're still in town too, so it's not impossible that we might get another chance.


I guess we'll see.

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