Sunday, October 30, 2016

Blankets Creek

The 26th of September was some kind of holiday. I think the girls had Fall Break off of school or something. Yeah, that sounds right.

We celebrated by riding at Blankets Creek, which we do fairly regularly, and which isn't usually all that noteworthy, but this particular excursion was more noteworthy than most.

In particular, I somehow managed to forget my socks. I brought a jersey, bib, shoes, helmet, gloves, glasses, and all manner of tools, parts, and other gear, but, apparently, no socks. That was a new one.

I'd forgotten my jersey a year ago, but never in my life forgotten my socks.

Dork Socks

So, there I was, riding in dork socks.

All things considered, it wasn't a big deal, but I'm sure someone noticed and laughed to themselves about it.

The other thing that was funny was Iz asked me to video her riding the Mosquito Flatts loop, specifically so she could have a video of "how awesome she rides". To me, this seemed like famous last words. "Dad, get a video of this..." Not too dissimilar from the classic: "Hey, watch this..." or: "Hold my beer for a second..." I was reluctant to video her, and explained the whole "famous last words" thing, but she was insistent and I eventually gave in.

Immediately I realized that I might crash. Try to hold your iPhone out in front of you, framing the rider in front of you, while riding a bike trail. Fortunately, the trail is relatively flat, but relatively is the operative word there. There are all these little bridges, and turns, and it's bumpy, and I was sure I would eventually eat it.

I was wrong though. Instead, Iz crashed.

She was just going a little faster than usual around a curve, over-steered to try to save it, and slid out. It wasn't a terrible crash, but it was such a classic thing to happen. "Hey, watch this..."

She got a little beaten up, and she kept finding new bruises for the next few days, but she wasn't injured, and it didn't stop her from riding again (successfully, this time) a few days later.

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