Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pinelog WMA

After working much of the weekend, I rode at Pinelog again last Monday. I honestly don't remember that much about the ride. I was just getting in miles and checking out the last few remaining little bits that I hadn't checked out yet, mostly on foot.

My bike shoes are really getting worn out. My shoe goo repair is starting to pull off. It's just a matter of time now before it fails completely, and the stitches are starting to pull out of the other shoe too, so it's heading down the same road.

Every last mile though. That's what I like to get out of my equipment.

I did see one really cool thing though.

Full Grey Rat Snake

I could be wrong, but I believe that's a Grey Rat Snake, as opposed to the black ones I see 99% of the time. That or it's just another black one with prominent markings.

The cool thing about this guy is the little bump in the middle of his body, which may not be super visible in this out-of-focus photo. He had apparently consumed a mouse or some other similarly sized meal recently, and was lying in the sun to help digest it.

He didn't move the slightest muscle the entire time I was next to him. I actually got a phone call right after taking that photo and stood there talking for a few minutes, within a few feet of him. I don't think Billy would have approved.

Yeah, that was the highlight of that particular ride/hike.

Good enough though.

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