Thursday, January 11, 2018

Blankets Creek, Rope Mill, and Cochran Mill

Since Christmas, I've been on the bike as much as possible, mainly at Blankets Creek, Rope Mill, and Cochran Mill. It's been a lot of fun, and I got in a lot of good miles, but what is there to say about those trails that I haven't already?

I guess a few things...

SORBA Woodstock has been rerouting the Dwelling Loop a bit lately. There are now a couple of easier and more-difficult lines you can take. In either case, the new lines avoid some poorly placed older trail, which has been filled with debris and is already difficult to discern unless you just know it's there.

I also noticed this benchmark on the South Loop.

Benchmark on South Loop

Never noticed it before. It's right next to a tricky rock-drop, so I guess I was always paying attention to dropping off of, or getting up over that, and didn't have time to look around. Not sure how I noticed it this time, really.

Quell Holler has been majorly reworked recently too, and there's a new jump line in the woods nearby. Not that I have the necessary skills for any of that. They did add a new South Loop Connector though, which looks unfinished, and I saw a mini-excavator near the peak of the hill that Dwelling encircles, busy doing something last time I was out there. So, Blankets is getting some attention. Maybe it was feeling a little outshined by Rope Mill.

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