Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cochran Mill

Isabel graduated High School a few weeks ago, and my parents were in town all week. We were super busy with various graduation-related festivities, so we didn't get to do much riding, but we did manage to sneak out Friday afternoon and get in a ride at Cochran Mill.

My Dad even got some GoPro video of a good bit of the ride. I realized I'd never seen myself ride before. It was really weird, and it reminded me of something I talking to Sophie about a while ago. You have a group of friends, and if you imagine them, that image is your concept of the group. But! When each of your friends imagines the group, they see you as part of it. You are part of their concept of the group. In stark contrast to your concept, which doesn't contain you! Seeing myself riding was like that.

We had a good time. Lots of fun. No crashing. My Dad had never ridden there before, so he loved it. Oddly, it didn't occur to me to take any photos though, and my Dad didn't post his video on YouTube or anything, so I don't have much to show for the ride.

We did stop at Cochran Falls though, and I did get a shot of him there.

Dad at Cochran Mill Falls

So, at least there's that.

One funny thing too... Riding across the parking lot, a lady in a car was driving out and asked us where the falls was. Well, there are like 5 falls, but I figured the one she must mean was the big, primary falls, that used to drive Cochran Mill proper. We gave her directions and took off riding. Later, as we were riding down to the creek, she and her buddy were climbing the road back up to the parking lot. They were both completely soaked, had clearly found the falls, and had clearly been enjoying it for that entire time.


I was glad to have been able to help. It struck me too... Over the years, I've given countless people directions to this or that, but very rarely been able to verify that my directions did them any good. It was pretty validating to see that they had.

I hadn't thought about it until now, but I guess it was a day of rarities.

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