Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Heritage Park

Here in Georgia, it has pretty much rained, non-stop, since Thanksgiving. I've been joking that it must have set the record for most weekends ruined in a row. I think there was one Saturday, a few weeks back that was dry enough to get out on the road. That was a pretty good ride, actually too. I just spun out and back on the Silver Comet, and ended up riding with a guy and chatting most of the way.

But then it rained again and again and again...

Finally, this past Saturday, it was dry enough to go for a walk. And, just a little walk at that. Not a run. Not a jog. Not even a hike. I wore the same clothes I'd been wearing all day, just grabbed my camelback and hit the closest conceivable thing: Heritage Park.

I'd been there before, with Kathryn, some 5 or 6 years ago.

You basically walk out along Nickajack Creek until you come to the old Ruff's Mill Factory Ruins.

Ruffs Mill Factory Ruins Ruffs Mill Factory Ruins Inside Ruffs Mill Factory Storage Building Ruins

Then you explore those for a few minutes, before turning around and heading back.

And, that pretty well describes what I did.

Given the context, I really enjoyed it too. The weather was crisp, but not cold. There were plenty of people out walking their dogs, so I got to see a lot of really happy dogs. It was great. Wouldn't want it to become a mainstay, forsaking other opportunities, but I was happy to get out and do something, and it really hit the spot.

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