Thursday, January 10, 2019

North Cooper Lake Park (again)

Yeah, I've been hitting North Cooper Lake Park a lot lately. It's a nice place for a quick walk, and there are still a couple of side trails out there that I haven't hit yet.

Last time I saw a trio of otters. This time no otters, but I did notice some organized rocks in basically the same spot that the otters were playing last time.

Organized Rocks 1 Organized Rocks 2

Looks like they were stacked and have since toppled over.

An old dam? Perhaps. It's the right kind of spot for one.

I used them to cross the creek and found a legitimate dam on the other side. A retention pond actually, to keep the neighborhood downstream from flooding, I guess. From the silver comet, you can see similar dams/ponds randomly behind people's houses. There's at least one on the route that I take to the park too.

The other thing that it occurred to me that the rocks in the creek could have been for is some shoring up to make it possible to get heavy equipment across. I'd think that would have more likely been done with recycled concrete though, rather than local stone. But, who knows? For all I know, it's a natural formation. Just didn't strike me as one.

Nice walk. I'll be doing more of them, I'm sure.

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