Thursday, August 15, 2019

Lost Mountain

Oh goodness. The backlog...

Lets see... Looks like I've done a lot in the past few weeks. Kind of like cramming for a test, I guess.

On the 3rd, I rode over to Billy's house, then he and I rode over to Lost Mountain Park.

Ellie Claire waved goodbye to us from the porch as we left: "See you later! Come back home and see Ellie Claire!" Oh, that kid! I love it.

It goes without saying (though apparently I am saying) that we found a mylar balloon in the woods at Lost Mountain.

We also found plenty of fun in the woods. That trail system is great. Kind of short, but not short on fun.

The ride back to Billy's was less fun, but still adequately fun.

Ellie Claire was back on the porch waving goodbye as I left. I didn't go straight home though. I'd done "the zero" that morning. Grabbed a quick snack at Billy's before we left, and then when we got back, but was sorely short on calories.

Mmmm... Calories.

It was incredibly hot that day, but the exposure was good for me. Good, easy miles too.


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