Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Jake Mountain

Two weekends ago, the weather finally calmed down enough to go out and get some work done, so Sophie and I met Debbie and friends up at Jake Mountain to try and finish up the last little bit on the new Jones Creek trails.

No luck though! The forest service was doing a controlled burn from the corner of FS83 and FS28-1, north to Jones Creek. It wasn't dead in the middle of where we were planning on working, but we would have had to drive/hike in and out all along the edge of it. Well, damn. I guess we'll just work Jake Mountain.

Debbie and Dave Garner put a fence back together that had gotten knocked down by deadfall and that people were cutting through to get to the trail.

Me, Sophie, Jason Schott, and Diane Garner just started doing ye olde standard dirt work down Jake.

It was pretty easy going, actually - mostly very light deberming - soil that had run off of the backslope, across the trail, and got caught by the leaves on the outside edge. There were a couple of low spots that needed cleaning out, but only one of any significance, and it was also very easy going. I think we worked half a mile, and we only had to chip into the surface of the trail in 3 spots. I love it!

On a semi-related note, the new Jones Creek trails have been open for like 2 months, and though I've hiked them, and ridden them on a horse, I still haven't ridden them on my bike. The forest service also got a guy to build a mess of a trail up in the Beaver Pond area, which I also haven't ridden. It rained all week after the work party. Last Sunday it rained again, and it's rained most days since. I've gotten out on the road bike here and there, when I can, even in the rain, but between that and the outbreak, I just can't seem to catch a break.

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