Monday, June 15, 2020


When I was in Texas, I rode nearly every single day. Since I've been back, there's just been too much going on, and it's been difficult to get anything done, let alone ride. I guess, as a good example, it's 12:15AM right now, I've been going since 8AM, and I still have some work to do this evening.

Short on miles, but wanting to jump back in, I committed to riding with Billy at Allatoona a couple of weekends ago, feeling good about it when I did, only to find myself up 'til 4AM the night before getting some crap that I can't remember now finished. We got a decently late start, but not late enough, it would turn out.

I felt great on Rusty Bucket, but it was all downhill from there.

Well, I wish it was all downhill. In fact, there was a great deal of climbing, and I felt like garbage doing it.

I want to say we rode like 20 miles, but it felt like 60. It didn't help that my bike was giving me fits, either. Texas had really given it the business, I'd taken it to Glen for some much-needed servicing, and gotten it back in fine shape, except for one thing. The freehub body is really old, the threads have gotten worn down over the years, and there's a limit to how tight you can tighten the nut to secure the cassette. You can get it "good-and-tight" but if you get it too tight, the nut springs pops up out of the driver. It seemed fine when I started riding, but it loosened up a tad as we rode, and before long, the cassette was loose, shifting funny, and engaging like a non-King hub. It wasn't the end of the world, but it added to the misery.

I guess I shouldn't say "misery". Dissatisfaction maybe.

Ehh, some days are like that. Better sleep would help. A less rolling junkshow of a bike would help too.

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