Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tribble Mill

Today I felt fully recovered from my Trans-Georgia attempt, and given that I've got the entire week off of work, I figured I might as well take advantage of it. Tribble Mill is only an hour away and I had an awesome time at the race. I'd heard that Tribble Mill is a maze, but if I could find my way around, maybe I'd have a good time there today.

Well, a maze it was. Some trails appeared to be real trails, others just user-created cut-throughs. I tried to follow the route I took during the race, but it wasn't long before I was just exploring. I made loop after loop, marking the intersections in my GPS, then going back and checking them out. I found most of the trails we rode on during the race, and some that we didn't. Whoever put the route together for the race really knew what they were doing.

The entire trail system is either narrow singletrack...

 Narrow Trail

or wide singletrack...

 Wide Trail

Singletrack is great, but too much of it can just get anonymous. Fortunately at Tribble Mill there are plenty of features to keep your interest.

Water crossing...

 Water Crossing

During the race, I passed a girl in that water crossing. Probably the worst pass that I've ever done, ever. Fortunately I didn't actually bump her, but it was close. Somebody took a series of photos, exposing the horror, but I can't find them now.

Exposed granite...

 Granite 2

We didn't ride any granite during the race, none that I remember anyway.



the Taco Stand, Drop, jump, left, drop, jump, enjoy...

 Taco Stand

The lake, so pretty...

 Lake Trail

and lucky, apparently...


and then there's the great tire pile...


I saw some deer too. They were completely unconcerned with my presence. I took pics of them for like 5 minutes before I got bored and left. They were still eating. This was the only one that came out and it's still hard to see. I circled the deer.


I left around 7, while it was still light outside. I could have ridden more, but I kind of wanted to get home. There are still some trails out there that I haven't ridden. I'll have to come back. Maybe I can ride with somebody who knows their way around too and get a good loop.

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