Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Creek Greenway

Isabel can ride her bike awesome now. I figured she might like to ride somewhere other than the bank parking lot, so we took it to the greenway.

Apparently the greenway has won some awards.


Do they give awards for having coyotes?


For being totally man-made, the greenway is pretty scenic.


Well, almost. The recent rains have more than made up for the drought earlier this year.


I walked with Sophie as she rode with her training wheels.


Iz was on her own. I think the sense of freedom really set it today and she was loving it.


I looked down for a few seconds and Sophie yelled "Whoa, deer!" I looked back up and saw a deer bounding across the trail, through the pond and into the woods only a few feet ahead of Iz. Apparently I only saw the last one. The kids both said there were at least 5 of them. Iz was amazed. We watched them in the woods for a few minutes. They were ambivalent to us. Awesome.

I can't wait until Sophie can ride without her training wheels and we can all ride together.

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