Thursday, December 3, 2009



I've been wanting to hit Conyers for quite a while, but every time I'd try to get out there, something would come up and I'd change plans. This past Friday nothing came up, including work, as it was the day after Thanksgiving, and me and Travis got to it.


Every time I ride Conyers, something's been re-routed. This time, a couple of steep, fall line climbs were sidehilled, and a descent on a rutted out road was replaced with a similar sidehill. Some recent flooding completely destroyed part of the trail too. I mean, it looked like it was swept away entirely. Todays course is a lot different than the course they rode in the '96 Olympics, but it's still tough, and I think it keeps getting more fun.

One thing I always forget about Conyers is that it takes a couple of laps to get a groove going, but by the time you get the groove, you're too tired to take advantage of it. Unless, of course, you're doing a 24 hour race there, in which case, it's all money. We rode 2 and a half laps. Predictably, I fought the trail for the first lap, felt ok on the second, ripped the third, or at least half of the third, and then I was dead tired.

In the first lap, I took a wrong turn coming off of the granite and ended up crashed out down a little drainage. I didn't see the right way to go at all. Woohoo. Travis made the last climb on the second lap. I didn't make it either time.

On the way back to the parking lot, there's a spot where you cross a road and drop back onto the trail. It's become a drop of about a foot and a half off of the street now. You have plenty of speed to just roll it, but it's still kind of scary.

As I mentioned before, when we were done, we were dead. What I didn't mention before is that we were ravenously hungry, or at least I was. As punishing as that hunger was, it was nothing Jim and Nick's couldn't fix.

Ahh... beef brisket.

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