Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly Beatdown

I slept through my alarm twice this morning. I've never been as sleepy, while still actually awake, as this morning. I got plenty of sleep, what the heck? I figured I'd get on the bike and wake right up, but nope. Even a boston creme donut and mexican sugar Coke at Dutch Monkey didn't help. I finally woke up after lunch, but I was sleepy again on the ride over to the shop. That ride did kind of wake me up, but not enough to feel good. I rolled out with B1 but they were really moving and I waited on top of Sawnee for B2. B2 turned out to be pretty tough too though. Apparently lots of B1 riders had the same idea and pushed the pace, blew through the rest stops and put down a 21 mph pace. By comparison, B1 usually averages about 20 mph. I hung in and took my pulls, but I'm congested and I just couldn't breathe. Shallow breaths. When I'd force myself to breathe deeply, it felt like diminishing returns. I didn't feel like I was even able work very hard, but I was apparently strong and fast and probably could have hung with B1, but man, why can't I be strong, fast, and feel good like I did this past weekend. Maybe I just need sleep. Lets find out.

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  1. Be the deer...

    Or cue up that internal ipod of yours to some speed metal!