Monday, October 25, 2010

Buford Hatchery and Alpharetta Greenway

This weekend was murder. Iz stayed home sick Thursday, I caught it and stayed home sick Friday, then Kathryn caught it and was in bed all day Saturday. Sophie got it sometime up in there but not as bad as the rest of us. Saturday I had limited energy and just ran around in a vain attempt to get some errands done. Sunday was me and Kathryn's anniversary and I had about 10% more energy, pushing me just up over the go-do-something-fun threshold.

We caught fish.

 Sophie - Fish

 Isabel - Fish

 Kathryn - Fish

Or at least they did. I put a big chunk of sausage on a bass hook, hoping to catch a big catfish before every bream in the pond nibbled it away. Kathryn has caught them doing that, but no luck for me.

We fished for a few hours, then Kathryn went to help take down photos from an art show (that she got both 3rd in, and won the People's Choice Award. Woohoo!) and the kids and I went riding on the Alpharetta Greenway.

 Girls on the Greenway

Sophie was able to climb every hill with her new (Iz's old) bike, and they were both going way faster than usual. Iz is still tentative though, on pavement she rides like 50 feet back from Sophie. Of course, one time Sophie did stop suddenly, turned 90 degrees and begged us to T-bone her, so maybe Iz has the right idea.

We rode from Webb Bridge to Big Creek and back, maybe 15 miles. On the Big Creek end, Sophie had to make a pit stop.

 Sophie - Pit Stop

Iz was dancing and generally being weird.

 Iz - Being Weird

We saw 3 deer.


I'm telling you, in deer season, they all go hide at the bike trails.

The fall colors are coming in, especially at the magic hour.

 Girls Heading Back

On the way back, we saw fewer and fewer people, and it got kind of dark. Not too dark to see, but dark enough to spook Sophie a bit. When we got back to the parking lot, ours was the only vehicle there.

Back at home, Kathryn had just gotten back, I grabbed a shower, my mom came over to watch the kids and we went out for dinner and a movie. Yay, 12 years.

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