Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hooper Road Park

Baton Rouge! I'll be here all the week, visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving. Today I had a perfect opportunity to take the kids riding on the same trails I learned to ride on.

 The Girls at Hooper

It's a little warmer down here.

 80 Degrees

Riding in the swamp was a different experience for the girls. Everything was a little unfamiliar. Trees, brush and dirt... All a little weird. Like riding on an alien planet.

 Riding Hooper 2

Louisiana is beautiful though, in it's own way.

 Hooper Swampiness

One of the trails had lots of little bridges. Sophie didn't like the bridges. They kind-of scared her, so she walked most of them.

We spent every last minute of daylight we had.

I should be able to get a few more rides in while I'm here; Clear Springs tomorrow, I might be able to get a hike in at Clark Creek, and, of course, there will be fishing.

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