Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today I met my bro at his place in Douglasville for a couple of hours on the road. I'd bought 4 packs of Clif Blocks last week, but for whatever reason, I couldn't find them. I'm starting to think I left them on the counter at the shop. My brother's recommendation: "you don't need blocks, do the zero." The zero, apparently, being a 3 to 4 hour ride after consuming zero calories beforehand. I do the zero between my house and the Dutch Monkey donut shop when riding to work sometimes, and I'm no stranger to consuming fewer calories than I need, but an intentional zero didn't sound fun. Fortunately I'd had some Waffle House earlier, so no absolute zero for me.

I swear the hills around my brother's house are the steepest in the metro area. We were both grannied out and crawling on more than one, and that was just the first 10 miles. Part of that was winter weight gain, part just having ridden low intensity rides lately, part cold weather and part just being lazy. It was rough, whatever it was. I hoped I'd warm up or something.

We met Jake and Craig at Publix. Everybody was coincidentally wearing matching, flaming red BOR winter kits from way back. And me without my camera. The one time I forgot my phone.

I don't know if I was warmed up or something, but the rest of the ride was really good. Infinite rollers. You're never not climbing in Douglasville except when you're descending. I realize that sounds ridiculous. We did like a 30 mile loop or something, dropped Jake and Craig back off at Publix and rolled back to the house.

The zero was kicking in as we got close to John's crib. It's one long climb for the last mile and a half or so and both of us had those "hey man, you better cut this right out" legs. Fortunately we got back before any actual cramping occurred.

Awesome ride. I love the roads out there. We're going to have to do a few more of those this winter.

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