Sunday, March 27, 2011

Settles Bridge (Again)

It rained all day yesterday and most of today. I did a bunch of work for my Dad this morning, but around 3:30 it started looking kind of dry and I started thinking about getting out for a while. We've got the Trillium Trek in a week, so me and the girls headed back to Settles Bridge Park for some navigation practice. This time, we even managed to get Kathryn to join us.

We started at the park, put some checkpoints on the map, defined some out-of-bounds areas, and got going. The girls collaborated on a route, I advised a little. They led and me and Kathryn followed. We followed a creek to the north until we saw a little knob up on the left, whacked up there, picked up a trail, followed it around, whacked over to Settles Bridge Road and took it down to the river. We'd had the option of following a bunch of trails down to the river, but there were a bunch of turns involved in that, and the road was a straight shot.

Yay, Checkpoint 1 - Settles Bridge.

 Checkpoint 1

With all the rain yesterday and today, the river was pretty high. No fishermen out there today.

Checkpoint 2 was the southern boundary of the Settles Bridge unit. We had to walk through a river cane jungle to get there.

 River Cane Jungle

It was taller and denser than I've seen anywhere else.

My calves hurt. The other day when I was walking all around the park, I'd jogged for maybe a mile of the pavement and somehow that destroyed my calves. How is it that I can ride forever and but I can barely run without hurting myself? Ridiculous.

We took a drainage line trail back to the bridge lot. All the rain had made the low spots marshy and there was a pair of ducks paddling around in one of them.


"Look, they're married", Sophie observed. Yeah, I guess that's what they are. They are at least a couple.

Checkpoint 3 was this little open field that we'd been to last time, pretty close to the bridge, actually. Sophie got us there.

From there, Iz nav'ed us back to the car, along a semi-convoluted route that involved several trails and a good bit of just following the terrain. She's really got it figured out. Sophie needs more practice, but given that she's 8, she still did pretty good.

We ate dinner at Rick Tanners, and now that he kids are in bed, I've got to get back to work. It wasn't an epic day, but given the weather, it went about as well as I could have hoped.

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