Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekly Beatdown

I'd gotten in a recovery ride the day before but I didn't feel all that recovered yesterday afternoon. In fact, I felt like I needed a nap more than a bike ride. I think it's allergies though, something must be blooming right now.

Just like the day before though, I felt terrible up to the second I started riding, then almost immediately felt great. My legs protested a bit on my warm up loop but got the job done.

I almost missed the ride itself. They rolled out the instant I got to the shop.

At the back, it was really shaky. This ride gets this way near the end of the year. I'm not totally sure why but it does. You have to ride at the front or it'll scare you to death.

It seemed like we rode extra fast. Our average was probably down from usual because we got split by cars once and waited for the rest of the group to catch but I kept thinking "I'd better shift into the big ring before I run out of gears" only to find that I was already in the big ring and running out of gears.

I could feel the lag in my legs but it didn't seem to matter all that much. I could keep up and take my turns and bridge and everything else. Maybe everybody's tired these days.

The ride did beat me down though. I got home, took a shower and fell asleep trying to watch TV with the kids. This morning I was extra tired too. I've got a race this weekend. I hope I can shake this funk between now and then.

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