Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wells Tract

In her words, I kidnapped my wife for an hour and a half today and drug her around down by the river in Roswell.

A while back, the girls and I rode the Riverside Trail, and on that day I discovered the Wells Tract off to the right hand side. At the time, we had to get back and I couldn't tell if it was open to bikes or not, but I put it on the list.

Today was the perfect day to check it out. It's been raining and somewhat cold for a while now, but for some reason today it was 60 degrees, sunny and breezy and Kathryn was in the mood to go walking around.

The main trail was a tunnel of green. Winter in Georgia:

 Wells Tract Trail

No doubt next week we'll have snow.

The trails were all flat and graveled - typical urban trails, but the woods along the Chattahoochee is always nice and this area in particular was extra scenic. There was a little feeder creek and multiple ponds.

 Wells Tract Pond

There were a couple of mallards in that pond.

We did a few loops to make sure that we saw all of the system trails. Kathryn talked on the phone for most of the first loop. Heh.

There were quite a few little side trails and we even missed one of the official trails at first because it looked exactly like the side trails. We were persistent though and ultimately rewarded with a nice walk down by the river.

 Chattahoochee River

On the way back we had just enough time to check out one more little trail near the lot. It led past what I guess is an old gauging station, the only structure we'd seen all day.

 Gauging Station

It's a nice little park. Kathryn was pleased that it was flat. I could have gone for some elevation but getting a workout wasn't really the idea, I just wanted to get out in the woods, spend time with Kathryn and get a little exercise for both of us.

I looked and looked for signs indicating whether bikes are allowed in the Wells Tract, but I didn't see anything. The Riverside Trail is open and there were plenty of tire tracks in the Wells Tract but they could have been from jogging strollers. It would be a nice little loop to add on to the end next time I'm out there with the kids. I'll have to inquire.

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