Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alpharetta Greenway

Labor Day!

When you work for yourself, the holidays don't mean quite as much, but the kids were off of school, so late
in the afternoon, we all went for a ride on the Greenway.

 Sophie on the Greenway

It's actually been a while. I think I'd have to look through previous journal entries to remember when even.

Sophie, in particular is way faster than I remember. It's hard to tell when Iz gets faster because she's always got to wait on Sophie.


Today though, I let Iz ride up ahead as far as she wanted. She's always trying to do that anyway. Now, she's probably old enough. Turns out though, after having to wait for us a few times, she preferred to just hang back.

About a third of the way out to Big Creek, I saw a Reality jersey headed toward me but I didn't recognize the rider. I did recognize the guy ahead of him though, Artur Sagat!

Thus, once again proving that I cannot ride my bike in Georgia without running into someone I know.

They passed us again in the other direction a little while later.

At Big Creek, it rained briefly and Sophie insisted on parking under the shelter and walking all the way to the bathroom instead of just parking by the bathroom.

 Sophie at Big Creek

I guess she didn't want it to rain on her bike while she was in there.

The girls took a stereotypical amount of time in the bathroom, which was funny because they're usually very quick.

A half dozen riders came in off the trail while I waited.

It seemed like plenty of families had the same idea we'd had.

The ride back was a little slower. We'd forgotten to grab any snacks on the drive in and everyone was weak and starving.

On top of that, I think I'm coming down with a cold or something, which is no good because the Fool's Gold is less than a week away. Noooooo!

We made it back alive though and actually made good time, despite our weakened state.

Woohoo Greenway! It's been too long.

Also, just in case anyone is wondering, I learned something important. It is, in fact, possible to stuff 3 bikes and two girls into a Honda Fit.

 3 Bikes in a Honda Fit

Now you know.

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