Sunday, October 21, 2012


Man, what a week. What a couple of weeks, actually. I flew to São Paolo on the 7th and lived like a resident of Brazil for a week with a client/friend, then got super sick on the way home and spent several days in bed before starting a bottle of antibiotics that I'm still only halfway through. I'm sort-of caught up on work but I haven't even thought of the bike or anything else in forever.

Today I took the first step back though, a couple of hours on the road with my brother in Douglasville.

For the first hour and a half, there wasn't anything especially interesting about the ride aside from me suffocating and searching hard for my legs. But, then we found some rough roads and a scary-fast downhill by Mirror Lake and things started getting interesting.

Eventually we found some gravel and a sketchy old bridge.

 Sketchy Bridge

And crossed I-20. It always seems wild to cross an interstate, for some reason.


I spun frantically a few times and dug once or twice.


Work, no sleep, illness and antibiotics don't make for the best fitness.

But the air was cool and the leaves are changing and we were rolling.


It was familiar and comfortable, even when I was falling back. It felt like I was doing something that I was supposed to do.

Man, I love to ride.

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