Monday, October 1, 2012

Forsyth Big Creek Greenway

This past Sunday I needed some big-time recovery from that Linville adventure. My calves especially. Somehow, MY calves were tired and hurting.

Isabel was buried under a mountain of homework so Sophie and I got out for a little of my favorite kind of recovery - a ride on the greenway.

 Sophie Riding

We usually ride down in Alpharetta, but this time we parked at Bethelview and rode the Forsyth County section instead.

Not all that much happened.

We rode pretty quickly, Sophie's getting stronger and faster every day.

When Isabel's not around, she talks her head off too, which is really great. She's so fun to talk to and she has all this different perspective on everything. Oh, man, I love it so much.

At the McFarland end of the trail, we stopped for a snack: M&M's and Skittles.

 Sophie Snacking

On the way out, we'd passed some bizarre contraption near Fowler Park. I'd seen it before and struggled to understand its purpose or operation. It's even more confusing now though. There's a big tank up in the air on stilts, and a smaller tank on top of that, and a corrugated pipe sticking out of the lower tank, but the pipe doesn't connect to anything. Now, there's a barge out in the middle of Big Creek that is somehow involved in whatever process they're engaged in.

 Contraption at Fowler Park

So weird.

I'm sure everything they're doing makes some kind of sense, I just wish I knew what it was.

Our ride was great, my legs felt much better afterwards, and we even got finished in time to beat the rain.

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