Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Allatoona Creek

A spin around Allatoona Creek isn't generally worth writing about, but the spin I took a few weeks back actually was.

There's some new trail out there. I'd noticed id a few trips prior to the one I'm writing about now. According to the map on the Kiosk, the trail's called Driftwood. It was rideable, but mostly unsigned. I say mostly because there was one little hand-written sign with the word "Trailhead" on it, and an arrow pointing in the general direction of the new trail. That sign was accompanied by some yellow tape blocking one of the ways you might go if you were so inclined, but there was no tape blocking the trailhead itself. I took that to mean that I was welcome to ride, and judging from the starting-to-get-worn-in'ness of the trail, it seemed plenty of others had too.

Feeling invited to do so, I took a little spin around the loop, and encountered a gentleman on the way out asking if "this is the way to the lake?" Well, I knew the trail I'd just ridden didn't go anywhere near the lake. Nor, for that matter, did any other trail I'd ever ridden out there. They all sort of petered out along the creek. I'd never run into anything I'd call "the lake." I knew the lake was to the north, and I knew the trail he was on (the one that Driftwood lay off of) went north, but that's all I knew. I explained all of this to him, and we parted company.

That all happened a few weeks prior to the visit that I mean to write about. Though, I realize now, that I've written quite a bit about that visit as well.

Anyway, I wondered if he sort-of knew what he was talking about. Was it possible to get to "the lake" if I kept heading north?

Well, as it turns out, yes!

Lake Allatoona 1 Lake Allatoona 2

From the abundant tracks in the vicinity, it appeared to be a popular destination for the equestrian crowd, as well as locals on foot. I saw one bike track. Another explorer like myself, I guess.

To the east, I heard a ruckus a brewin' and it seemed worth investigating...

Some guys had piloted their small craft a bit too far into the shallows and gotten hung up on the bottom.

Stuck Boaters

I'd never seen anyone trying to push a boat before.

I felt kind of bad too. Helpless. I'd have lended a hand if at all possible, but there were hundreds of yards of water between us and it clearly got deep between them and me.

Poor guys. I hope they got out cause I hear the lake is much lower these days than it was that day.

There were actually several little inlets back there. One looked like it might even be a decent fishing spot. I may find my way back up in there again if it doesn't get too cold, and if we get enough rain to raise the water level a bit.

On the way out there were wildflowers blooming to my left and some of the trees in the distance were just barely starting to look less green.

Starting to be Fall

It was staring to be fall.

Fall in Georgia is something to see. Unfortunately the same work that's been keeping me from writing has been keeping me inside.

Fall is coming. I hope I don't miss it.

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