Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ford Escape

I've been kicking around in an '03 Saturn Vue for the past year or so, and on the way back from Noontootla it finally kicked it itself.

Basically the right side transmission seal blew catastrophically, relieving itself of a large volume of fluid in short order, and causing something to burn up. My dad and I thought maybe it was just super low on fluid, drained it, found it to be 2 quarts low (after having already added 2 quarts earlier, trying to get it going again), replaced the seal, filled it back up, and found it to still be shot. I skipped the part about driving all over town to buy the rare and expensive fluid and additive. That was involved too.


Well, I wasn't looking to purchase a new vehicle, but all of that work that's been keeping me inside does have an upside. Income.


New Ford Escape

It needed a front seal, and a headrest, a pair of tires, and at some point I need to fix the CD changer. But, it's in otherwise excellent condition. With a couple of new towers, I was even able to fit my rack on the roof, with all 4 trays!

Kars 4 Kids picked up the Saturn today. Made me sad to see it go, but it's for a good cause.

Escape! Wish me luck with it.

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