Friday, December 23, 2016


Yep, wildfires.

We had wildfires. An unprecedented number of them, I believe. Some in Georgia, some in Tennessee. The ones in Tennessee turned out to be arson. Stared by kids, no less. Darn(ed) kids. The ones in Georgia were started by lightning, I think. I'm not sure how though, we hadn't had any rain in as long as anyone could remember. Thus the extent to which the fires could burn.

There were a few fires in Rome, and some up on Rough Ridge in the Cohutta Wilderness.

We got a ton of smoke from them in Atlanta, which made for some interesting sunsets.

Smoke from Wildfires in Atlanta

Eventually it did rain, and not a moment too soon. Then it rained for like 2 weeks straight and foiled every plan I had to get outside.

All that, and we're still in a drought! A level 2 drought or something.

I guess we need more rain.

Come on rain.

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