Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dirty Sheets

I met John and Justin at Cochran Mills a few weeks back to try and get some miles in. Bad sleep and working all weekend had become the standard rather than the exception. I knew it would hurt, but I hoped just breaking myself off would force some change.

We headed south on the road from the lot and wound around on the various gravel roads down there.

I'd once come up with a 70+ mile loop on those roads that me and John and Baldwin did once, but we had ridden it in the opposite direction, so what we did felt new to me that day.

Justin and John

It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. The worst part was I'm running a 30x11, John's running a 32x11, and Justin's running a 34x10. Florida gears! He could tear off away from us on any descent. I think he's got that Eagle 1x12. Even with the 34 up front, he has a higher top gear than I do. I might need to invest in that sometime soon.

I could more or less hang until we hit the gravel road from Rico back to the park. The pitchy little kicks at the start just ate me up and that was it.

Justin had to bail when we got back to the lot, but John and I spun a lap of the Yellow trail.

I started cramping on the way out though.

I was crushing the pedals for 6+ hours at Pine Log a few months ago. I was crushing the pedals for days at a time a few years ago.

My god, how far have I fallen?

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