Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Cochran Mill

There's not usually much noteworthy about my little after-work rides, but occasionally something interesting does happen...

Now that it's light until 8:30 or so, I'm able to hit Cochran Mill after work, and I did just that last week, with my brother.

We weren't a mile and a half into the ride though, when I hit something that pulled the bars out of my hands and sent me flying over them. I managed to crush my pelvis into the stem and then drag both legs along the backs of my brake levers during the ejection before slamming into the ground on my right shoulder. Total yard sale. Everything went flying out of my pockets and both bottles went flying too. Knocked the wind completely out of me. Whoo!

My ribs ached, but other than that, the whole thing was funny when I could breathe again. It was even funnier after that because we couldn't find anything that I could have possibly hit. It was like those invisible rocks that used to knock me off of my skateboard when I was a kid.

Ehh, whatever... We rode another 18.5 miles, packed it in, and had some dinner at some Mexican restaurant. The food was delicious, but the service was probably the worst I'd had in years. The guy was trying. Not his fault. They were just impossibly understaffed.

The next morning my ribs felt good and busted. Probably just bruised, but still, they hurt. I did a little local ramble that day, but I could really feel it. Since then, I've been shuffling and unpacking boxes all day and night, and it's not helping at all. Busted ribs usually feel the worst 1 week later. That'll be 2 days from now, and I'm not looking forward to it.

The Tour De'liverance is this upcoming weekend. I hope I'm adequately healed for that.

If not, it'll be quite a ride.

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