Friday, November 29, 2019

Jones Creek Trail Work

Every now and then I'm like: "Ok, THAT was the busiest I've ever been." These past 2 months have been like that. Barely any time for any particular thing. I've barely been able to get in a ride, or a hike, let alone write about it. Let's see if I can catch up...

Not exactly a ride, but we had multiple work parties at Bull/Jake, doing finishing work on the reroute of the Jones Creek Ridge Trail between the foot of Bull Mountain and the dam. Mike Reiter has been doing the machine work, and we've been following up behind him clipping roots and raking. I've mostly been the guy with the pulaski, hacking out stuff that's too big for clippers.

Lots of ultra trail runners have been showing up to the work parties. There are apparently a couple of races that utilize Bull/Jake, and part of the entry requirements are that you do some number of hours of trail work somewhere. That's a great idea. I wonder why none of the mountain bike race organizers ever thought of it.

There's still a bit left to do, but man, look at the result so far:


Terry Palmeri made it up for one of the work days, brought her grill, and fed us all hot dogs afterwards.


And, speaking of dogs, Mike and Terry both have super cool dogs and I got as much dog time as I could while I was up there. I think we're having another work day on Sunday 12/1, and I'm actually kind-of excited about it.

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