Friday, November 29, 2019

Proctor Creek

There's been a renewed effort of late by the City of Atlanta, and surrounding counties, to connect the various bits of paved trail in and around the Metro Atlanta Area. I remember seeing a master plan back in 2000 when I first moved here. It's nice to see it finally getting built out. The Beltline is coming along, although it'll probably be a little less fun to me when it's completely paved. The long gravel sections are kind of fun as-is.

There are also Whetstone, River Park, and Proctor Creek Greenways. Each is like a mile and a half long, maybe, but they sort of wind their ways in the general direction of the Beltline from the general direction of where I live. Maybe someday they'll connect to the Comet, somehow.

I managed to get out and ride the three of them a while back.

It's pretty much what you'd expect:

On one ride, I also discovered Gun Club Road, and the crazy old cemeteries along it. Large sections of them have just been left for the woods to reclaim, and since they're built into the slope of a fairly steep hill, there are all kinds of leveling structures with trees growing through them and busting them up. One day I need to explore those woods. Old topo maps also show a Gun Club Park up on one of the little knobs in the area. Today it's just woods too, but it is alleged to have had a swimming pool and other facilities. I wonder how much of that still remains. I may have to mount an expedition into those woods as well.

On that same ride that I discovered Gun Club Road, I also managed to discover and explore an old section of whatever landfill that is out there. Oddly, the only road into it is now blocked off by new neighborhood construction. The whole area will soon be inaccessible by vehicle and unmowable. I wonder if they'll cut in a new road, or just abandon it completely. There are a bunch of test sites out there. Maybe they've been stable for long enough to not worry about them any more.

There appear to be more little bits of paved trail that I haven't explored yet, and I'm looking forward to hitting them soon, if just for the novelty of it.

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