Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Blankets Creek

I ride Blankets Creek pretty regularly, but I rarely post about it because there's not usually that much to say. The last time I rode there started out much the same. I'd ridden the Turkey Shuffle the day before, and felt like spinning my legs out, so I drove up, spun a lap around dwelling, screwed around on the jumps for a bit, then headed out.

I got changed, and right as I got back to my truck, across the lot, I saw a bike that I thought I recognized, but couldn't place where. The rider had his head down messing with something on it, so I couldn't tell who it was. Just then, the guy in the car next to me asked me a question, and we got to talking about our respective rides. When we were finished, I heard: "What's up?!!" from that guy I'd seen earlier.

It was Austin!


He'd recognized my voice, of all things, while I was talking with that guy.

I knew he'd recently gotten into mountain biking, but as far as I knew, he'd only ridden at Rope Mill so far. "Want to ride?" "Let's go."

We spun a lap around Dwelling and he had no trouble keeping up. In fact, I think he may have been a bit stronger than me on that particular day. We discussed the 100% rule, and hit the flow trails, which he rode with no problem. It was awesome. Much like on rides with his dad, we were talking the whole time. We hit Van Michael after that, and aside from sketching on the Kevorkian rocks, he didn't seem to have any trouble with the rest of the trail.

Heh, the first time I rode Van Micheal, I rode with my Dad. That time was also my Dad's first time riding Van Michael. When a Muse rides Van Michael for the first time, it must be done with another generation of Muse. That doesn't 100% hold true because John and I rode it together his first time, but whatever, it was fun to joke about.

After that, I was beat. Too many miles the day before, and I'd already put in 10 earlier that day, so we headed back to the lot.

He and John were planning on riding together later in the week, and we joked that I got to ride with him before his own Dad did, and that I should lord that over him forever. Of course, I won't, but again, it was fun to joke about.

I wonder if I can get my Dad to come visit, and maybe the three of us could ride Noontootla or something.

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