Monday, June 1, 2009

North Bowman's Island

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Today I came home to an empty house. Oh yeah, the girls are in swim lessons. I was thinking about dragging them through the woods. Guess I'll go by myself.

There are six trillion little trails weaving back and forth along the western edge of the Chattahoochee near Bowman's Island. I've been on most of them, but not all of them.


I printed out a map, jumped in the truck and got down to business. In and out, back and forth. I'm actually getting to know the trails pretty well, even the little connectors.

A bridge. Yep, that's really a bridge.

 1 - Bridge

Bowman's Island Shoals.

 2 - Bowmans Island Shoals 2

The first time me and the girls went out there, we found a bunch of patio furniture set up overlooking a scenic spot. Today, I met the owners, and their dogs, kicking back, enjoying the evening. Nice folks. I talked to them for a while.

I think I explored all of the trails that were missing from my map. Guess I'll find out when I download the tracks. I didn't find anything too interesting, but it scratched the itch pretty well.

I was heading back when my wife called. The kids were done swimming. Dinner time! I double-timed it back to the car with a quick stop by a scenic little feeder creek. I tried to take some pics but none of them came out. There's this little squiggly tripod that they sell at REI. I must have one.

I'd seen deer all day too. Here's one, again, blurry:

 3 - Deer

I missed not having the kids, but still, it was cool. Kind of had that I'm-a-little-kid-playing-outside-after-school vibe. Good stuff.

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