Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Beatdown

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The weekly beatdown was extra harsh today. I rode to work this morning and I could tell it was going to be rough. I've been getting good sleep, but I don't think I'm totally recovered from last weekend. It was cool this morning, but at 5PM it was in the mid 90's. So there was that too.

The group was all right today. The pace lines were no more disorganized than usual. J'Milliron dropped his chain. Bad luck there. I got stuck with a couple of long pulls over some hills near the end. A couple of times I buried myself, got way too light headed, and couldn't keep it going, so in the final sprint, I wasn't a contender. I tried to lead out some guys from Northstar. They didn't get what I was doing, or maybe they had their own plan. I need to learn some signals or something. Whatever the deal was, it didn't work.

Better luck next week. Sprint or not, it was nice to be able to hang on. That's 2 in a row. If I can hang on 3 times, I'll try riding with the A group so I can get dropped 10 minutes into the ride.

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  1. Serious ride. Not going to make it this week. I'm hiking and snorking on St John, USVI. Next week though, I'm not going to have mechanical issues!