Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clinton Farms


My bro was having everybody over for dinner and trick-or-treating. The girls and I had a bit of time before the festivities and seeing as my bro lives in Douglasville, Clinton Farms is in Douglasville, and I've been wanting to get over there to take some pics, it was a win-win for everybody involved. That is, except for my kids, who didn't really want to walk around in the woods in the rain before trick-or-treating. Basically it was just good for me.

It wasn't actually raining, just misting a little.

I was foolish and did not bring a map. I thought I knew my way around. Ha. Ha. I almost did, but not quite. We did eventually figure out where we were going, but we probably walked a mile further than we needed to.

The Clinton House.

 Clinton House Chimney

 Clinton House

Actually, that one was easy, it was right by the parking lot.

The nature trail.

 Nature Trail

The lake.

 Clinton Farms Lake


 North Powerline Connector

Not too excited.

 Kids at Clinton 1

More slickrock.

 Off Camber Granite

The powerline trail. We walked up and down this before I remembered there are 2 powerline cuts.

 Powerline Trail

That was the epiphany. After that, we were good.

We found some feather aphids.



The first old cabin.

 Old House 1 Wide Shot

My bro and I went up inside that cabin once, but it was a lot less bent back then. One day it's just going to fall over.

The Civil War Era log cabin.

 Log Cabin 1

There are actually signs saying don't go in it. Apparently they had electricity.

 Electricity At Log Cabin

And, a large tree overhanging the left side with ten thousand of those weird fruits we saw at Bowman's Island under it.

 Weird Fruit

Seriously, what are these? They are fragrant, but I can't place the scent. The outside is kind of like an orange, and there's like a quarter inch layer of fleshy fruit surrounding the worlds hardest pit. The juice stains your fingers brown.

Old Pool Road.

Old Pool Road 2

At some point it was a road. Now it's so eroded that we had a hard time even walking on it.

That first cabin is off to the north of Old Pool Road. There's this white house too.

 Old White House

It's held up a lot better than the cabin, except for the multiple trees crushing it.

There is also this cabin, past the log cabin.

 Third Old House

And it's associated shack.

 Building Near Third Old House

All day I kept asking the kids to identify trees. Sophie said maple every time. It turns out there are relatively few maples out there. But, there was this one, with it's leaves spilled out all over the ground.

 Kids And Leaves

On the way out of the park, I noticed yet another chimney.

 Streetman Road Chimney

There's a graveyard out there too, and a chapel, and another chimney somewhere. Maybe some other stuff too.

No time for that though. We had candy to collect.

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