Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fort Yargo

On the bike, I alternate between embarrassment and glory. Today was the former.

Last night AMC was showing Mad Max, The Road Warrior AND Beyond Thunderdome. I stayed up watching that. I mean, come on. This morning I was supposed to meet Baldwin at the Highland Bakery at 9, which I did, but ACTUALLY I was supposed to meet him at 9 to leave for Fort Yargo. If I wanted to eat, I needed to have met him at 8. As such, all I had time for was a big cinnamon roll to go.

We were joined by some roadies from Aaron's.


Who were strong but had a bit of trouble with the horseshoe drops.



I can't talk though, after stopping to take photos, I didn't carry any speed into the second one and got stuck inches from the top. Hirsch had to pull me out. Instant karma.

I burned up about 10 miles in. My stomach felt full and sickly sweet and I was having to force down gatorade. Giant cinnamon rolls with butter cream icing fail as pre-ride food. Not sleeping enough also fails. And by the transitive property I fail. FAIL! Fail is my favorite word these days for reasons you may come to understand at the end of this post.

Eventually I was on my own.

 Yargo Main Trail

After a little rest, we started out for another lap and like 2 miles in I rode over a little branch, which destroyed my rear derailleur. Whee.

Being Saturday, I was able to get Hodge at Addictive Cycles to straighten my dropout and order me a new derailleur on the way home. This time I'm getting a Shimano Shadow which, in theory, should be more difficult to break. We'll see. I break more derailleurs than any 3 people I know combined. In fact, Baldwin and I were even joking about that in the parking lot before we started riding.

As if there wasn't enough fail today, on the way home from the shop I spotted this epic fail:

 Justin Payne DDS

I'm sending it to Perhaps it will grace their pages. FAIL!

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