Monday, April 26, 2010

Athens Twilight

The girls and I caught the pro women's and men's crit at the Athens Twilight yesterday. It rained and rained all day, but in the evening, it let up a bit. We got there around 7 something, watched the finish of whatever was going on and grabbed some dinner at Doc Chey's.

The girls both drew pictures of guys riding bikes.

 Iz Drawing at Doc Cheys

 Sophie Drawing at Doc Cheys

Bikes are actually hard to draw, especially with a rider on them.

After dinner we watched the women's crit. We walked around a bit, but spent the most time in turn 2.

 Pro Women

The rain picked up and let off over and over. At times is was pretty torrential. It's amazing how hard they push through the turns, across painted lines, in the rain.

When the women's crit was over, we grabbed some hot chocolate at Starbucks. As amazing as it may sound, Iz doesn't like hot chocolate, so she got orange juice.

 Sophie at Starbucks

The men had already started. We watched them from between turns 3 and 4. The rain was on and off. We were prepared.

 Girls Under Their Umbrellas

The race schedule showed the men finishing at 10:45, but apparently that was off by an hour or something and they kept riding. The leaders had nearly lapped the main group with one lone guy stranded in between. The teams were just starting to get organized. They caught the lone rider and had begun to reel in the breakaway.

 Pro Men

The girls were getting tired though, so we took off. Sophie was asleep before we got out of Athens. Iz held on about half way back. They both slept in today.

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