Saturday, April 3, 2010

Richland Creek Shoals

Today was all fishing. That's an outdoor activity, right? Yes. This is an outdoor journal. Fishing is allowed here.

When I was a kid I pulled catfish and bream out of a pond by my house with a cane pole after school, frequently. Since then, most of the fishing I've done has been with my father-in-law, and it's all been fun. The Chattahoochee River and Lake Lanier are both about 2 miles from my house. It seems like such a waste of opportunity not to fish them, but I keep putting it off. This weekend my in-laws are in town for Easter and I was sufficiently motivated to get into it.

We got up late, did a little shopping, spent forever getting our licenses and got down to business around 2:00 at Richland Creek Shoals, or whatever it's called, some shoal just south of where Richland Creek joins the Chattahoochee, north of Hwy 20.


My father-in-law fished. My kids fished. I spent a few hours learning how to cast my new baitcasting reel without backlashing every time. I'm pretty sure I'm still not doing it right, but I figured it out well enough to get by. Still, I didn't catch anything. My father-in-law did though.

 Don's First Trout

His first trout ever.

We had to leave, just as we were getting the hang of it. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. sweet trout, looks dinner sized!

    too weird man, in lieu of any sort of half-decent singletrack in our area, i have taken up fishing as well! even though i have all my dad's old baitcasters, i have never been proficient with them, spincast all the way!