Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lake Hammond

It rained and rained today. We barely had time to get in some fishing, but the fishing we got in was good.

I saw Lake Louisa State Park on the ride this morning, and the info on the net looked pretty good. My father and law and I got over there at 7:30, just as the rain was dying down. We had about an hour to fish.

Gators are everywhere in Florida. Apparently, you shouldn't go swimming with them.

 No Swimmimg

Good to know. Especially for us out of towners.

The lake was pretty, pretty. We had it all to ourselves. Those clouds were raining on us 20 minutes earlier.

 Hammond Lake

I got one nibble. So did Don, but his turned out a lot better than mine!

 Don's Bass Up Close

He caught that one casting into some lillies and it was tough to bring in. Twice it wrapped him up around stalks. I was ready to go in and clear it. There were steps leading down to the water, but right at the bottom was another one of those "don't go swimming with gators" signs. Oh yeah. Forgot about those. It took extra patience to bring it in, but patience pays off.

We'll have to go try again later this week. Maybe I'll catch something too.

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