Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keith Bridge Park

I'm still trying to kick this plague, so the kids and I took it easy today. Again.

Sophie had a great idea. Let's go swimming.

Mary Alice Park and Lanier Beach are pretty close, but they cost $4. Darn that $4. The internet didn't mention a day use fee for Keith Bridge Park, so we went there, after grabbing some lunch at Fat Phil's Grill. It turns out Keith Bridge costs $4 too. Yay internet.

No matter.

Iz was all "It's so tiny!"

 Beach at Keith Bridge Park

It's not that tiny. It's like 50 times the size of a pool and when we got down on the beach, it seemed about the same size as Mary Alice or Lanier. I guess framed out by trees, it looks smaller from far away.

Tiny or not, we had huge fun. We waded and swam. I just grabbed Sophie and threw her as far as I could about 10 times. Iz wasn't having any of that. There were other kids there too that played with us.

Fish bit my ankles. The large, flaky silt in the water made it look like we were swimming in gold glitter. Later, Kathryn even asked Iz why she had glitter in her hair.

When Sophie's lips turned blue and she couldn't stop shivering, we got out and the girls dug in the sand.

 Playing in the Sand

I did feel a little out of place without neck tattoos and a pack of smokes but it didn't seem like anyone noticed.

On the way out, we passed the Park Ranger who was writing tickets to everybody who didn't pay their $4. He had written quite a few, but when he saw my tag he smiled and waved all extra friendly. Hah!

Great day at the beach. Now that it's warm enough, we'll have to do more of that.

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