Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buford Group Ride

This past Tuesday I needed to shake to Fool's Gold out of my legs. I did not feel like doing this but it was important to do so I got out on the road before I changed my mind. As is so often the case with exercise though, I'd felt terrible just before but not 5 minutes into the ride there was nothing I wanted to be doing more in the world.

It was sunny and cool and breezy and traffic was light. Crossing Buford Dam I saw a herd of deer walking into the woods with two fawns lagging behind. I had to sit back and climb the hills but otherwise I was really enjoying the ride.

The train passed by just as I was getting into Buford.

 Train in Buford

I stopped in the historic town square at the First Pentecostal Church to meet up with some folks for a group ride that should start sometime between 6 and 6:30.

 First Pentecostal Church

A few months back I'd run into a guy I knew from racing who told me about the ride and a few weeks ago I tried to meet up with them but I'd gotten the day of the week wrong. It was Tuesday, not Thursday. Fortunately I'd gotten it right this time though and met a small crew at the church at the right time.

I didn't know anybody there except Steve Johnston but everybody was very friendly. Also, I later learned that it was Steve's son Robbie that I'd found out about the ride from. It was funny... I'd known both of them from racing for years, but I didn't know they were related. It's a small world.

We rolled out right at 6:30 and headed north.

 Rolling Out

There's a road out there, Shoreline Road I think... Man! If you're in the area, you need to ride that road. It's super twisty and in the direction we rode, mostly downhill. You really get to lay it over and it's just one turn after another.

Past Shoreline we rolled up through the Lake Lanier Islands.

 Entering The Islands

I'd been out to the gate before but I didn't know you could ride through without paying. Now I know. The roads beyond were quiet. You have to pay to get in with a car and on a weekday evening, there aren't too many people driving around up there.

We rode all the way out to the stables...


...then turned around and headed back. I didn't remember it being much of a downhill on the way in but it turns out that it's mostly a climb on the way out. Or maybe I was still feeling the Fool's Gold.

We regrouped at a church then headed over to Buford Dam Road. The rest of the group split off at the first stop sign but I needed to get back to Cumming to pick up Iz from gym so I said goodbye and kept going.

I thought the last big hill into my neighborhood was going to hurt but I was able to take it easy and it turned out all right. Earlier this year I wouldn't have even been able to take it easy on that hill, so I guess I'm making some kind of progress there.

Great ride, nice people. I'll have to do it again sometime.


  1. I' d love to join the group ride. Is it still on every Tuesday?

    Is it a "no drop" A or B?

    Will it be possible for you to let me know exact time and location?

    Thank you!


  2. Yep, every Tuesday, no drop. They leave between 6 and 6:30 from the parking lot in front of First Pentacostal in downtown Buford.