Saturday, September 10, 2011

Suwanee Creek Greenway

With all this Trans Georgia business, I haven't touched the bike in a week and I could really feel it in today's spin around the block.

In addition to lazy muscles, I had two more things to contend with. It's getting cooler out, and usually that's great but for some reason my muscles and joints get stiffer and stiffer with cooler weather. I was feeling that today too. The worst though... Clouds!


They make for a beautiful sky but they block the sun, cause uneven heating and wind. Wind! I haven't felt the wind in months. I almost forgot that there can be wind. Terrible.

I headed out across the dam, turned right on Suwanee Dam Road and headed toward Suwanee. I was in the mood for a little road-bike-singletrack so I spun a lap through Sims Lake.

 Sims Park

The parking lot was full though and there were probably a hundred people on the trails including what had to be the entire cross country team of a local high school. I can't be upset about that though, it was a beautiful day and everybody was up off their couch. No big deal if I couldn't rip around the park today.

I rolled through Old Town Suwanee and went looking for the trail that leads out to McGinnis Ferry.

 Old Town Suwanee

Somehow I missed the start of it though. I saw it up the hill but it looked like I'd gotten on the wrong road heading out to it. Maybe I'll get the right one next time. I managed to pick it up near some apartments though, took it over to the Suwanee Greenway and headed out to the park at the south end.

There's a Soft Surface Trail there that I'd never ridden. They call it that, but it's super hard packed clay and I had no trouble with the road bike.

 Soft Surface Trail

The greenway was kind of busy. They had the Bodyplex Fitness Adventure going on and there were lots of runners. Again, can't be upset about that. Off the couch, getting fit.

The boardwalk was extra bumpy today.


I was able to rip around George Pierce Park.

 George Pierce Park

There weren't too many people up that way today.

I spun through the park in New Town Suwanee too...

 Suwanee City Hall

...through the tunnel and past the cows.


Then back along the stick of my long lollypop. I hit Suwanee Dam Road around 5:00 again. It seems like I'm always heading back home around that time and there is always traffic for miles. I'm usually able to pass cars all the way down the road and beat them from Suwanee to Buford Highway.

I climbed the tough climb up to Buford Dam Road, hung a left across the dam...

 Lake Lanier

...and climbed the other tough climb to Nuckolls. That climb is getting easier but I still can't call it easy.

It was a good little ride. Nice to spin the legs out again. Hopefully I can get some good miles in over the next couple of weeks. The Dauset 6 Hour is coming up.

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