Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekly Beatdown

Man I felt good tonight. Actually I felt terrible spinning around Windermere but great on the actual ride. If I didn't need to be at Mia's for triva at 7:30, I'd have stopped on top of Sawnee and waited for the A group.

It was fortunate too because we got split by traffic and I had to bridge for like a mile, even up over a big climb. Matt accused me of having pockets full of hammers and dropping them all over the road, but every time I looked around, he was right there with his gorgeous new bike.

My bike feels more embarrassingly old every day. Every part of it works so I can't see buying anything new, nor do I have the money, but still... I don't know how the anyone can stand riding behind my stone-age artifact. I'd think they'd be worried it's going to fall apart. It's bad enough that I don't shave, but this too. It borders on disrespect.

Speaking of riding behind me and potential disrespect... A guy complained today that I was sweating all over everyone. At first I thought it was some kind of sly compliment about spending so much time on the front, but no, he was serious. My hair is shaggy right now so I can imagine maybe sweat is flying off my glorious lower neck locks, but a lot of riders have shaggy hair and very few wear bandanas or anything. I always assumed those were to keep sweat out of ones own eyes anyway. I've noticed sweat flying off of the riders ahead of me before but it doesn't bother me. I figure hey, it's one million degrees, we're riding fast and I'm right behind you, that's just part of it. But I could be wrong. Is this some legitimate point of courtesy that I'm clueless about? "Sources" say no, and I didn't see anything in The Rules but I don't know. One thing is certain though. I do need a haircut.

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