Saturday, December 3, 2011


Jackrabbit is awesome. Riding with my dad is awesome. Today I did both. Woohoo!

 Dad at Jackrabbit

The last time we tried to ride there his rear hub self-destructed and we only got in about 10 miles. This time things went a little better.

There were a bunch of cars in the lot and people coming on and off the trail. This boded well. It had been below freezing at my Dad's place and we were worried it would be a little cold but when we got there it was up around 60 degrees.

We had a blast, all day...


...and zero mechanicals. The only problem we had of any kind was that my dad hadn't ridden in about 6 weeks and the climb up to High Point put him in the hurt locker. In Dallas there's a distinct riding season. Starting in early fall it rains every couple of days, never dries up, the soil becomes thick black clay and nobody can ride in it. I keep telling him to get out on the road...

He did make it up though.

 Dad at High Point

The rest of the ride was fast and fun. The leaves are all gone and we got good views of Lake Chatuge too. Of course, we took a little stroll around Saba Beach.

 Saba Beach

We spun two laps but left out High Point the second time. I think we ran into a dozen or more bikers, a pair of hikers and two hunters. One group of bikers we kept seeing over and over. They had two dogs with them. One ran behind them but the other was a puppy and a guy was carrying it in a backpack. It seemed odd but the dog looked really happy, like a dog looks with its head out the window. Ha!

On the way home we grabbed some Jordano's Pizza in Helen. Bacon and Pepperoni. Yeah. It was cold outside so we ate in their dining room. I didn't even know they had a dining room. Outside it's all picnic tables and a concrete floors. Inside it's all fancy with real decor and a wood-burning fireplace. Who'd have guessed?

Oh, man, Jackrabbit is great. Too bad it's so far away. If it were down the street from my house and I'd ride there every week.

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