Friday, December 27, 2013

Sope Creek (yet again)

Happy day-after-Christmas!

My dad and I rode Sope Creek together. He and I have ridden all over North Georgia and almost every in-town trail in the greater Atlanta metro area, but as it turned out, he'd never been there.

For the first lap, he had Dallas Legs.

Dallas Legs

In Dallas, it's pretty flat, and when it starts raining in late fall, the trails never totally dry out. Then they start to freeze and thaw, and then they are pretty much unrideable until spring. Ha, ha. Dallas Legs.

The second lap was better though. He easily climbed that same climb.

We ran into a lady who was almost totally lost too. She'd been avoiding the bike trail so she wouldn't get spooked but that had been making it much more difficult to get out. There are maps as nearly every intersection in the park but she couldn't read them. I talked to her for a while and explained how to get out. She was heading in the right direction. I hope she made it.

We had a good ride. He'll be in town for a few more days, so we ought to be able to ride somewhere else too.

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