Saturday, December 28, 2013

Brasstown Bald

Adventure every day!

Every day!

It's the holidays and with the whole family in town, Brasstown Bald seemed like a great place to go.

I'd been fighting Windows Forms all morning, so we got a bit of a late start, but we made good time on the highway. Unfortunately, despite the 10% chance of rain the forecast called for, it sprinkled on us the entire time. Up on the mountain, it was still raining, and really windy too. But, we had our objective in sight...

Brasstown Bald

...our party was strong...

The Expedition Party matter how brutal the conditions or fearsome the trail...

The Rugged Trail

...or how poorly our rain jackets fit...

The Iz

...we made our summit attempt.

The Ascent

My Mom had an attack of Dallas Lungs at first, not unlike the Dallas Legs my Dad had suffered from at Sope Creek a few days back. In the end, she pulled it out, but it took determination.

At the top...

Brasstown Tower

...the temperatures were bone-chilling.

Arctic Temperatures

We huddled together for warmth.

Kathryn and Iz Out of the Wind

In such extreme conditions, we could barely force ourselves to spend the next half hour taking in the spectacular views in every direction...

View to the East from Brasstown Bald View to the Southeast from Brasstown Bald

...and posing for pictures...

Sophie at Brasstown Bald

...and just generally milling around...

Mom and Dad at Brasstown Bald

All joking aside though, it was pretty wet and windy and cold. We were the only ones up there. We saw a few people drive in and out of the parking lot below but none seemed interested in making the climb to the tower.

When we'd had enough, we made our way back down.

Sophie wanted to get some good photos of Georgia for when she goes back to Louisiana. Especially photos of mountains. So, here she is, presenting Jack's Knob.

Sophie Presents: Jack's Knob

If her career plans don't pan out, those presentation skills might land her a job on the Price-is-Right.

After our Brasstown excursion, we headed back toward Helen and met up with our good friends Clark and Suzy Neal. Clark filled me in on the latest SORBA happenings up his way. Sounds like there's going to be some new singletrack up there soon. Suzy had baked us brownies! I'm not sure which I was more excited about.

We couldn't hang out too long though and soon headed south to that ATL for dinner at Doc Chey's. Oh man, it was good. It'd been too long. Too long!

If such a thing is possible though, there's almost been too much Adventure this past week. Too much. I need to meter it out a bit. I don't want to jump back in too quickly. Don't want to burn the candle at both ends.

All things in moderation, even good things.

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